Welcome to Colonel James Wardlaw's Regiment of Dragoons. Whether you are passing through, looking for a regiment to join, are newly recruited, or one of the old lags I hope that you'll find plenty of interest on this site to interest and inform you about our little piece of the Knot.

If you are looking to join us, I'd like to believe that we can offer something for everyone. Whilst our field strength is, by definition of our role as dragoons, made up entirely of musket, our strong ties with the Western Association means that those of you who decide they prefer to trail the ‘puissant pike' can be seconded to the Association block (although why anyone wouldn't want to play with muskets and powder is beyond me). For those who don't see themselves as active on the field, we have a steadily growing living history presence, and more are always welcome.

If you've already made your mark on the membership form, welcome aboard! This site should provide you with as much information as you could possibly want, if only because the forum is available there for you to ask – all questions will be answered (except the one about where babies come from!) None should be considered to obvious or silly.

For the current members I hope that the forum will help bring us closer together, and that we can all huddle around it's warming glow during the closed season, keeping the motivation alive, ready for Easter. I also hope that the site will provoke us into sharing the fruits of our thoughts and research on the period and our role.

We may not be the biggest Regiment in the army lists, but as a regiment with thirty years service in the Knot we have a tradition of being well dressed and drilled, always performing our duties well, whether that be in a drill display or living history camp, in the skirmish line or musket block, performing a mounted action or something as simple as gate guard. We take pride in what we do, and I hope that you will be able to share in that pride…

Oh, and a few jars and a rollicking good sing!